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One day, Lord Shiva and Parvati decided to test who was the more intelligent of their beloved sons, Ganesha and Kartikeya. “Whoever could go around the world three times and come back first will be the winner” they said.
Certain that he would win, Kartikeya flew around the world. Upon reaching his parents in a very short time, he was astonished to find Ganesha already there.
Ganesha had simply circled his parents three times with great devotion and folded his hands to say “both of you are my entire universe, and so I do not have to travel anywhere.”

The Ganesha's Blessings Gift Box contains the auspicious Forest Essentials Lakshmi Puja Oil: a blend of organic, unrefined cold pressed oils of Cardamom, Basil & Clove, with pure Desi Cow's Ghee, in traditional proportions as prescribed in the Vedas. Each of these ingredients is a significant part of the Diwali Puja, where the Gods are invoked to bless each of us. With a Brass Diya and wicks, this makes for a thoughtful gift for Diwali.

This box includes:

  • Auspicious Puja Oil: 220ml
  • Brass Diya: 1pc
  • Wick Tong: 1pc
  • Wicks: 6 pcs
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