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IT INCLUDES ALOE VERA & GUDUCHI HYDRATING & RETEXTURING FACIAL SERUM DESCRIPTION ALOE VERA & GUDUCHI HYDRATING & RETEXTURING FACIAL SERUM- FOR ACNE TREATMENT: it’s contains anti-aging properties that makes the skin healthy while aloe Vera on the other hand helps in soothing sun burn, accelerates skin healing, fight signs of aging, reduces acne, lightens blemishes & provides hydration to the skin making it supple & soft. HOW TO USE Step 1. Post cleansing use this serum directly on your face. Do not massage for more than a minute and let it get absorbed by your skin completely. Step 2. For best results use it as a PM routine. Step 3. Do a spot treatment on pimples and acne Step 4. Mild Tingling can be experienced while using this serum which is completely normal and not a reason to worry. Step 5. Use regularly for a supple baby soft skin. LEMON SHOREA CINNAMON SEBUM RETARDING FACIAL CLEANSER DESCRIPTION Lemon Shorea Cinnamon Sebum Retarding Facial Cleanser: it is all you need to pamper your face. This ultimate sebum retarding facial cleanser is enriched with the heavenly-scented formula which clarifies and detoxifies without stripping, to leave your face feeling refreshed, protected and glowing. HOW TO USE Step1.Splash your face with warm water. Step 2. Squeeze a small amount of cleanser into your palms. Step 3. Apply it to your face in a circular motion. Step 4. Massage your face for about a minute. Rinse thoroughly with water
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